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Map of Telde

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The Ancient Kingdom

Telde can be found on the eastern coast of Gran Canaria, south of the capital Las Palmas and north of Ingenio. It is the second most populous municipality on the island with over 100,000 citizens and is also home to Gran Canaria International Airport, the 5th busiest airport in the whole of Spain. In the past, the region was very much an agricultural community with its fertile lands producing a variety of crops including bananas, sugar cane, tomatoes and vineyards. In recent years, Telde has developed into a much more industrialised and urban area but combines this with a rich history, a wealth of archaeological attractions, and a beautiful, varied landscape.

Throughout history, Telde has played an important role in shaping Gran Canaria into the island it is today. Before the Spanish conquests of the 15th century, the indigenous Guanche people ruled Gran Canaria through two kingdoms, Gáldar to the north and west, and Telde to the south and east. The city of Telde is the oldest on the island having been founded in 1351 and then re-declared once the Spanish assumed control in 1483. A great deal of this rich history is still evident throughout the region with several important archaeological findings, such as the cave villages of Cuatro Puertas, Tufia, Tara, and Cendro, and the old centre of the "city of Telde, the oldest on the island, has such historical significance that it has been declared a national monument.

The municipality of Telde is not as well known for tourism as some of the southern regions of the island, but it has plenty to entice visitors. Being home to the busiest airport in the Canary Islands, Telde has plenty of nearby hotels and apartments and boasts a wealth of restaurants and bars. The municipality has the longest stretch of coastline on the eastern side of the island with a large number of beaches, both sandy and pebbled. Towards the west of the region, explorers will be treated to some beautiful environments and stunning views, with the Barranco de los Cernícalos containing around 12km of spectacular terrain of lush vegetation, forests, cliffs and waterfalls.

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