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La Villa de San Mateo is located in the municipality of San Mateo in the north-central region of Gran Canaria.

The town has many cultural attractions to visit including the Church of San Mateo Vega, built in 1800, and symbolic buildings such as City Hall, the chapel of Lourdes, the bandstand and Santa Ana's Alameda, built in 1943 located next to the Parish Church.

Due to its geographic location, the town offers many natural vantage points where magnificent views of the city can be appreciated, such as El Mirador de la Cruz, El Montañón and El Mirador de la Montaña Cabrejas. From the viewpoint Degollada Becerra is observed the Tejeda's basin and the Centre for Nature Interpretation Degollada Becerra. Another very important place in the area is the viewpoint de Los Pechos, where can be seen the north and south of the island.

In the town of Barranco de la Mina, besides being known for its waterfalls and the vegetation of laurel, presents attractive activities outdoor including hiking, canyoning and trekking. San Mateo provides the public with Las Cumbres, declared a protected natural area, is a place known for its magnificent scenic views and great variety of fauna and flora.

La Vega de San Mateo invites the visitor to a historic stop on the Pozo de las Nieves, located at 1961 meters altitude, a historical exhibit of the island that shows how men formerly stored the winter snow to be transported to the capital.

San Mateo has a wide range of recreational areas such as The Lechucilla and El Calero, famous for its picnic areas and beautiful chestnut trees, and the recreation area of the Llanos de Ana López, situated in a grove of pine trees with barbecue areas ideal for enjoying time with family and friends in the countryside.

La Vega de San Mateo invites the public to buy fresh products every Saturday and Sunday in the municipal market, such as cheese, wine, and vegetables, and handcrafts such as wicker baskets, knives canaries and leather and wood goods.

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    Centro Hipico San Mateo

    Hi there, I have recently moved from the UK to Gran Canaria and am seeking a place to enjoy my hobby of horses. I have many years experience of working with horses, and was wondering if you currently have any work or any opportunity to exercise horses? Please do not hesitate to contact me via email: Thank you for your time, Natalie Sargent