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The oldest and one of the most popular resorts in Gran Canaria, Maspalomas is famous for its undulating sand dunes, local attractions, and lively nightlife. The resort lies just two kilometres west of Playa del Ingles creating what is most certainly the main tourist area on the island. The area is massively popular with holiday makers from all over Europe and once you visit it's easy to see why; hundreds of restaurants, shops, bars and clubs line the streets, providing good food, entertainment, and a lively nightlife, and they all lie mere metres from a huge golden sandy beach, sandwiched between miles upon miles of sand dunes and a beautiful blue ocean.

Whether you've come to Gran Canaria to soak up the sun, see the sights, or to enjoy an activity pocked holiday, a visit to Maspalomas won't disappoint.

Things to See and Do

For sun worshippers the most obvious destination is to cross the world famous dunes and find a spot on the golden sandy beach. The beach caters for people from all walks of life with a family friendly area at one end, leading onto the nudist and gay areas hugely popular with holidaymakers who like to bare all, before finally ending up at Playa del Ingles. Along the way you'll see plenty of people having the time of their lives on the water, whether it's jet-skiing, kite-surfing, or simply just taking a dip in the warm seas.

Many people come to Maspalomas and spend their entire holiday on the beach, but there's plenty other things to see and do. Exploring the sand dunes may be an arduous task on foot but doing the same thing while sitting on the back of a camel is a once in a lifetime experience for most. Next to the dunes you can enjoy the peaceful tranquillity of La Charca, a lagoon complete with palm trees and home to many different species of birds stopping by on route to Africa, or indulge in a round of golf on the island's largest golf course.

Finding your way to the promenade is an easy task - just walk towards El Faro de Maspaolomas, a 68m tall lighthouse built in 1889 and now classed as a historical monument. You can continue along the promenade all the way to Meloneras, perhaps partaking in a little bit of shopping in some of the upmarket boutiques, or you can explore the centre of Maspalomas and enjoy its sights and sounds.

Eating Out

As you'd expect with it being one of the most popular tourist spots on the island, Maspalomas offers a wealth of different restaurants, both sit-in and takeaway, catering to people of all different nationalities and tastes. If you're looking for a particular international cuisine, you'll be sure to find it here. If however you'd like to enjoy more local food, there are many tapas bars providing light snacks and meals, and just as many traditional fish restaurants with fresh daily catches simply prepared to bring out the true flavours.


The nightlife in Maspalomas is lively but perfectly suited for families and couples, offering more sophisticated surroundings than its neighbour, Playa del Ingles. There are a large number of bars, discos and clubs of different themes suitable to all tastes including Irish, English, karaoke, salsa, live bands, gay bars, jazz bars, and many, many more. The nightclubs liven up quite late, usually around midnight, and continue into the early hours of the morning.


As with the rest of Gran Canaria, shopping in Maspalomas has the added benefit of being duty-free, so if you're visiting the area from somewhere else in the EU it can be a good time to stock up on tobacco, wines, spirits, perfumes or whatever else may take your fancy. Maspalomas has a wealth of brand name shops selling electrical goods, souvenirs, clothes, and imported foods and drink, but you can also find many stores selling locally made wares such as pottery, baskets, and embroidery.

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