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Bahia Feliz is a resort located in Playa de Tarajalillo, 3 miles from San Augustine and belongs to the municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana in southern Gran Canaria.


Tarajalillo is a beach of black sand and stones which can be rather windy with moderate waves and is much frequented by sportsmen for windsurfing and other water sports. The area offers parking, public transport, surveillance equipment, parasols, sunbeds and watersport rentals. The area has an attractive promenade along the beach, ideal for walking and relaxing in the sea breeze.


In Bahia Feliz is a mall containing supermarkets, fashion shops, gifts, electronics, restaurants, cafes and pubs.

Things to do

In addition to visiting the beach Tarajalillo, the area offers the tourist services such as gyms, tennis, mini golf, windsurfing on the beach, mountain bike riding and paintball.

Eating in Bahia Feliz

The area features a large variety of restaurants and cafes for every taste.

The Night

The nightlife is enjoyed in different ways, either in the hotel, or a romantic walk on the dark sand beach or going to restaurants, pubs and shows that are offered to visitors.

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